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      1. Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale
Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, additives, varnishes) Wholesale

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Urea Urea Chemical raw materials (fertilizers, feed additive, varnishes, paints, resins)

Carbamide (urea, sechovina) 46% "DniproAzot" Small Wholesale Large Retail

Delivery throughout the Region Zaporizhzhya, Dnieper, Kherson

Urea KDSTU 7312: 2013 (sechovina, urea) CO (NH2) 2

Properties and Applications

In industry, urea is used as a raw material for the manufacture of resins, adhesives

In agriculture as a mineral nitrogen fertilizer, and

In animal husbandry as a feed additive.

Nitrogen fertilizers are inorganic and organic substances containing nitrogen, which are obtained mainly from synthetic ammonia. Due to the high mobility of nitrogen compounds, its low content in the soil often limits the development of cultivated plants, therefore, the application of nitrogen fertilizers to the soil to increase the productivity of nitrogen fertilizers has a great effect.

Among nitrogen fertilizers, urea is the best for foliar feeding.

Carbamide (Urea, Sechovina) is a very popular fertilizer - both among professional Agro Producers, as well as in private farms, in the Garden, Dacha.

Urea (CO (NH2) 2) (or urea) is a granular fertilizer containing 46% nitrogen. Urea is the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer. It is used on all types of soils, as the main fertilizer before planting and for feeding agricultural crops.

During storage, moisture is not allowed.

Fertilizer is a white, odorless granules that dissolve well in water. Solubility is both a plus and a minus. The disadvantage is that urea does not stay in the soil for a long time and therefore urea cannot be sealed in the fall. The positive effect of solubility is that urea solution can be applied as foliar feeding. Because with the correct proportion, it does not cause "burns" on the surface of the leaves (in contrast to spraying with aqueous solutions of ammonium nitrate). Up to 200 kg of urea is applied per hectare of crops. Assimilation occurs 5-7 days after application.

Contraindicated for soils with high acidity. Urea cannot be combined with nitrate, phosphates and potassium.

We provide the certificate. Form of calculation F1 and F2.

Container - bags of 50 kg. (packing is possible on request)

The price is indicated at the time of placement and is subject to change, check!

Always available and on order Nitrogen Fertilizers "DneproAzot" Carbamide (urea) Ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate "Dnipro Azot" and the whole range of products "AgroChemical Technologies", Ukraine "AHT" at excellent prices!

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More information on our Site https://agrosklad.ua.market/ and detailed professional advice on all Products on request!

AgroWarehouse Melitopol st. Lesi Ukrainky 103
a wide range of quality certified products for a successful Agro agricultural agricultural business. Full range of Seeds, Agro Chemistry, Plant Protection Products, Fertilizers for all crops - Field, Garden, Vegetable Garden

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We work throughout the Region Zaporozhye, Dnieper, Kherson

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